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Check in at Central Insurance Brokers 

The following is Best Practices for Vendors and Patrons on the use and benefits of SM Social Media menu for check in and reviews


SM Menu

THREE (3) styles

1. Word doc uploaded to cloud

2. Word doc converted to PDF

3. PDF converted to eBook  external link

each of the three (3) samples have gains and pains which need to be paired to your business SM culture

Best Practices for Vendors

You need to create seamless system; minimal effort required to find the links
ensure the right content is shared - hashtags and links
make the moment last, tag people and form relationships that are shared and revised

S.M.A.R.T.  Goals for Outcome 

Display SM (Social Media) Menu at your premises and website
  • include QR reader codes (scan with smartphone for instant navigation)

Display SM Menu in your premises, on tables, entrance, bathroom
  • Present to customer/s at convenient moment and encourage participation 
    • Invite patrons for photos with staff
    • Exchange "Social (ID) handles"  to tag and share media 
  • Do you have a directory of SM handles to share
    • How will you harvest patrons SM handles

Make it last 

Create monthly albums of visitors, add tags, links 
  • offer prizes for the most likes
  • Encourage Patron/s to "like and/or follow" your channels to receive newsfeed
  • Add hashtags to cluster posts (how to use hashtags)

T:  you should know by now!

  • "Check in" is real time awareness 
  • Like on fanpage adds your updates to users newsfeed
  • Reviews are shared with photos 

Best Practices for Patrons

View SM (Social Media) Menu
  • use your FREE smartphone QR reader app to navigate, Sample menu with QR Codes  word doc and  PDF 
check in / add photos / reviews and tag people

Add hashtags to cluster posts (how to use hashtags)

know the SM channel architecture